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Friends. Do you need them?


Close friends are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin. When you have an issue, they are the ones you go to. You are not supposed to feel used by your close or best friend. A friend is supposed to support one another and not criticize or laugh at their decisions or new path chosen. A friend is supposed to help one another in every way possible when they can. You shouldn’t put your friend down to other people.  It really makes you a bad person in someone else’s eyes. This is my definition of a friend.


Kai decided to go to back school and shard this decision with her friend Lee. Lee laughed and told Kai that she was too old for that. Kai continued onto her chosen path and when she was half way finished, she changed her career goal. The path was in the field that Lee was currently in. This must have angered Lee because she stopped hanging out with Kai as much. There was a position that Kai applied for and told Lee about them. Later Kai found out that Lee applied for the same position. This made Kai feel that she couldn’t tell Lee about any new adventures. Lee has the experience but Kai has the education, so Lee would be chosen over Kai. They could make a great team working together, but it seems that Lee doesn’t want Kai in her realm. This is the beginning of the change in Kai and Lee’s friendship.


Should Kai feel that her friend is pushing her out of her realm?

Is this a form of back stabbing?


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