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I’m sorry that you made some bad choices in your past that has come back to haunt you. I know you are in need right now and I can only do so much. Being a mother of 5 and grandmother of 2, it can be hard to assist anyone else. The bills are not getting any lower. Food is going fast. There is a lot of ain’t gots. No fun. Fewer smiles. Damn, I wish I could do more. Remember when I extended my hand for the holidays in 2009 and all I got was no thanks’. Its okay, I know I did what I could. No communication, no updates, wow how can I help then. Stress. Damn.  Why won’t they answer my messages? Why won’t they call? I tried. Now you are better and feel that I ignored you and yours but I didn’t. I can only do so much. I tried. I love you still.


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