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Audi wind Deflectors

Are you annoyed with wind noise in your car? Do you want to reduce it? Then don’t worry, wind deflectors is the solution. A wind deflector is an automobile accessory that typically is attached to the front hood, sunroof and window areas of the vehicle. Deflectors attached to the front hood generally protect a vehicle from damage caused by flying debris. Wind deflectors attached to the window and sunroof areas are generally used to allow fresh air ventilation while keeping the occupants of the vehicle protected from the elements and reduce the wind noise. The deflectors attached to sunroof also do the same task.

Mostly companies offer it with their cars as an accessory to attract more customers. Some also offer it as spare parts which are available at different dealers. Audi motors offer it as both i.e. with car at time of manufacturing and is sold separately also. These deflectors offered by Audi motors wind deflectors are not only made for their vehicles but for other vehicles as well. The Audi wind deflectors are made off high standard materials that are available in different models and colors.

Audi Wind deflectors are vehicle specific deflectors manufactured from 3mm and 4mm smoked effect tinted perplex.  These window deflectors are OEM approved and TUV accredited. They come with a two year guarantee at the time of the purchase at a dealer or by an online store. They are an easy to fit system into an existing window slot and impossible to remove when windows are shut. They will not cause damage to window seals, interfere with anti-trap systems, or electric window mechanisms. The Audi wind deflectors are designed to reduce wind noise while driving at high speed with windows open, reduce drag and rain ingress. The wind deflectors have milled edges for safety.


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