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Nissan Roof Rails

Many modern Nissan vehicles have factory-fitted roof rails running along the side of the roof area. These rails run longitudinally along the vehicle and stand up above the roof as shown below. They should not be confused with tracks or structures built into the roof itself. With roof rails, the Thule roof bars and foot packs supplied actually clamp around the roof rails.

Roof Rails is a couple of bars, fixed at roof of some cars or other vehicles to give a support to roof rack on it that is used to carry luggage, bicycles or any other type of heavy accessories on your vehicle so that we might not face any trouble of low space in our vehicle due to this luggage.

As these roof rails supports roof racks, so these have to be more reliable to give a healthy support to roof rack. Manufacturers of these roof rails and bars also focus on its style and shape to give it a better and stylish look on top of your vehicle’s roof.

Most of 4×4 vehicles came with attached roof rails on it. Some cars’ manufacturers also offer it for small cars. Nissan Motors also offers it for most of its vehicles. Some other well known companies in field of Nissan vehicles’ accessories have a high rank to produce high quality roof rails.

Besides the Roof Rails to support roof racks, another type of roof rails is also used that is called as cosmetics roof rails. These are just to enhance beauty and stylish look of your car and these are not capable of having any kind of burden on them as these are light weighted. These types of roof rails are mostly fitted on high roof vehicles i.e. jeeps etc. If not factory fitted on some Nissan vehicles then don’t worry, you can purchase it separately.


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