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Nissan Navara hard tops

Nissan has a new version of its UK Navara that was designed in Paddington, London called the Nissan Navara X-Back. This vehicle has the option of being automatic or manually shifted. The feature that makes this Nissan Navara different is the hard top, reversing sensors, load bed and tailgate liner. There is a built in integrated 3rd brake light, roof bars, interior light, and  fitted with tinted sliding bulkhead windows with 60% tint for added security all supported by twin gas struts. The high quality finish is also resistant to minor impacts such as hail

The unique design of the hard top is made of a composite material similar to glass reinforced plastic making it particularly tough but light for easy installation keeping its reputation for strength and durability. This provides a perfect blend of the contour of the cab and the load bed. This hard top has side windows that have a simulated shoulder line to emulate those of the cabin. The styling lines of the cabin roof integrate with those lines that are molded into the hard top.

The new Nissan Navara hard tops retain a high cargo volume for the load bed being one of the largest load beds in its class. The hard top has a rear door handle cover finish matching that of the tailgate handle for a more finished look. One of the security features is the lockable rear glass tailgate.  Added safety is provided by an internal lever that allows the rear door to be opened from the inside. There is one more unique function this hard top is equipped with. It also has the added function of holding the tailgate of the pickup in the closed position when closed, thus preventing the tailgate opening without the canopy door being unlocked and opened first.


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