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Roof racks

Roof racks are valuable and versatile accessory for many touring vehicles. Without a roof rack luggage would have to be stored inside the vehicle, leaving less room for passengers. It’s an engineered support the full rated load capacity of a vehicle, with a mounting system and structural integrity of the rack being designed to withstand the most demanding condition. It is made out of fines and most durable materials like aluminum and steels that are tested and proven by the manufacturers.

Most manufacturers are using a round or square tube while others uses a D shape instead. The advantage of this shape is the round outer edge that still provides aerodynamics, but the square inside the edge allows a good area of the rope or strap to grip unto it, therefore it reduce the chance of the tie down in coming undone overtime.

A roof rack that is made from an aluminum material is suit for 4×4 cars. It utilize around the steel construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics are available in variety lengths and widths, for the vehicles with or without gutters, so the customers can choose the appropriate size to suit its requirements.

This roof rack has its unique wind deflector panel that is integrated into the front of each unit that reducing the interior noise considerable when driving at high speeds. It also has it unique mounting system that is much more than just means of attaching the roof rack of 4×4 cars. To ensure of its proper load distribution, a full length and supports the channel evenly distributes the weight along the full length of the vehicle gutter, while it molded rubber clamp pads that eliminate the metal to metal contact under the gutters.

The shot blasted and recoated in the zinc rich primer, while the mounting legs are zinc plated. Both are coated in its own millennium grey polyester powder coat, before it back in a 200 C oven. These processes have been tested to 1000 hours of salted spray resistance, which is easily succeeds in the industry standards.


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