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Citroen Side Mouldings

Side body molders of a car are bar type molders used to prevent you side doors’ dings i.e. unusual sound produced by doors. These are designed in such a way that they do not rub down the look of your vehicle as they are available in different styles and shapes and colors for different vehicles.

Citroen Motors offers these set of molders including each for each door. These side moldings are different for every vehicle of Citroen and also specific for different models of these Citroen Vehicles and are available in different colors and designs.

Citroen Side Mouldings will protect your vehicle from door dings, scratches, and other possible road hazards. These sets of 4 pre-measured side mouldings are custom painted to match your factory OEM paint. Each body side molding kit comes with complete and detailed installation instructions which are easy to follow for most consumers. Pro-clean prep pads and pro-bond adhesive promoter are also included, making the installation as quick and easy as possible.

The main advantage of these side molders is that you do not have need to be expert to attach this to your vehicle as these are easy to fit on your car. OEM Factory Original Equipment approved materials are used in these molders for outstanding performance and reliability.

Some Citroen dealers also offers touchup paint pen with these side body moldings to better fix these moldings with your car’s body. Sometimes people think it to be harmful for the body of their car. People of such class believe that when you in future remove these moldings then this may leave marks and other drawbacks on the body snatching original paint and shiny look of your car, but this is just their imagination as these Citroen side Body Moldings are easy to remove without leaving any hall marks.


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