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 Many of us already knew about superheroes especially as kids who use to do what their favorite character does; wearing costumes, create some action scene and saying their famous line. These are proven that they love superheroes and even collecting some action figures. Many superhero characters can be seen right now and most of it are in the movies that are in live characters. People love superheroes because of their amazing abilities that no one has.

The first sign of a superhero character was one of the known superhero characters “Penny Dreadful” in 18th century series fiction book in British time. It’s a horror, romantic, an adventure and full of mystery of stories and this name was given to a Victorian age, which was produced in a book that is contained of bloodthirsty narrative crime. This story line was published on cheap paper geared to the for working class adults, but by the 1850s the serial stories were aimed exclusively at teenagers. This was created in the United States and renewed in the Dime Novels, which has filled in American stories in Wild West scenes and stories about famous criminals. In fact, these fiction stories were absorbed in magazines, radio dramas and even movies too before it ends out.

As of today, penny dreadful is back in its next evolution of series fiction; the internet provided a kind of media for creating this series in a short fiction and an ongoing type so that the readers can come back for more to read.


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