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4×4 mud mats

Floor mats are essential for protecting the foot wells of the 4×4 vehicle from becoming dirty and worn. All rubber floor mats are functional, extremely hard-wearing and perfectly suited for virtually any use it makes for the 4×4 Nissan cars.

The new Nissan floor mats are fully tailored rubber for car has manufactured from virgin natural rubber band, chosen specially for automotive purposes, tailored precisely to fit the foot wells for Nissan vehicles. It is designed with anti-slip under face ensuring the mats remain secure position and to look both impressive. It also offers a high durability in all conditions and climates. Heavy duty properties of the car mats are just simple like keep it clean with a damp cloth. This is designed to provide the original Nissan mats quality with integral fixation system to fit the car and the heel pad.

The 4×4 mud mats are designed to assists to trap and centralize the dirt, keeping the rest of the car tidy. It is an advanced surfacing that minimizes the fluid movement and it’s easy removed once they are trapped. These mats are high density triple extended material with its rigid core strength surface friction. It protects carpet in all seasons. Deep sculpture groove and special outer rim trap and hold slush, melting snow and mud away from shoes and off the carpet. It holds 1 – ½ quarts of water without spilling. Non-stick finish makes clean up a breeze.

With these is an excellent appearance and material for the car. It’s also an excellent quality for the heavy duty mud mats well for 4×4 that will give a long protection. Keeping the foot well of your vehicle pristine. The purpose of these floor mats for the car is not only for protection, it’s also to make the car more stylish and making it more comfortable for the passenger to ride in it. It makes no worries when it gets dirt inside the car.


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