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4×4 car mats

Nobody will remain calm after the moment when we find out that there is a huge amount of mud inside his truck in the place where we put our feet. It’s very frustrating and this happens especially when we are talking about villages and areas where the mud is the most common thing. But, don’t be devastated and disappointed because this article will provide the best solution for you and your pocket.

The rubber car mats are the best option for problems such as this because as I said, they are made from rubber, which makes the cleaning easier and faster from the car mats created from carpet and the mud that you bring in with your feet is stuck on the car mat. The car mats are with “tray” design and the mission of this characteristic is to trap the water, mud or snow that you bring in from outside. There are many varieties of car mats and their sizes. On the market, you can find front mats 70cm x 50cm and 2cm deep tray and the outside the outside edge of the mat can be trimmed to fit perfectly to the footwell shape of the truck. The rear mats are usually 50cm x 50 cm with 2cm deep tray and they are available as four mat set, two front mats and two rear mats.

We can’t exclude the possibility that you can find car mats, which are waterproof and stain resistant and the car mats specially designed for off-road driving that match perfectly with your SUV or 4×4. The car mats are designs, which drain the water away from the pedals into the specific mat area that has the opportunity to hold up to a half liter of water or any kind of liquid. The best way to keep your truck clean and without mud is to use this option.


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