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Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth about yourself, but listen. It can make you a better person in the end. You can’t see what other see, so knowing things will allow you to become a better and improved person. Don’t take it as a negative but a positive because you know more about how other see your appearance, style, and communication now.



Most companies want a shark to work for them and represent their product, not a small fish. I am a small fish just because I am a shark.

Leads to my new career path are a hard task to do. Still searching…


I am gearing up for a major career change. I’m jumping in with both feet!

On my mind…

I’m sorry that you made some bad choices in your past that has come back to haunt you. I know you are in need right now and I can only do so much. Being a mother of 5 and grandmother of 2, it can be hard to assist anyone else. The bills are not getting any lower. Food is going fast. There is a lot of ain’t gots. No fun. Fewer smiles. Damn, I wish I could do more. Remember when I extended my hand for the holidays in 2009 and all I got was no thanks’. Its okay, I know I did what I could. No communication, no updates, wow how can I help then. Stress. Damn.  Why won’t they answer my messages? Why won’t they call? I tried. Now you are better and feel that I ignored you and yours but I didn’t. I can only do so much. I tried. I love you still.


When you cry or are sad about something is when you need to listen to you inner self (your gut). When you snap out of it and say, “I’ll be okay, I deserve better, and I don’t need this shit.” That is your gut talking to you. This is the strong part of your being. It helps you see things that are meant to be hidden from you. When you feel that something is going on, that’s your gut talking to you. It may not be to the extent that you think it is, but there is something. Trust your gut. Don’t be tricked by someone telling you that you’re over reacting, trippin, or blaming. Your gut is talking to you so listen to it. Maybe back off of the issue but be on the lookout for more evidence.
Do you gain strength or except the pity you are bringing upon yourself?

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