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Life is about learning, preparing and training, experiencing, maintaining, holding up, and getting through. One is never all grown up, just seasoned.


On my mind…

I’m sorry that you made some bad choices in your past that has come back to haunt you. I know you are in need right now and I can only do so much. Being a mother of 5 and grandmother of 2, it can be hard to assist anyone else. The bills are not getting any lower. Food is going fast. There is a lot of ain’t gots. No fun. Fewer smiles. Damn, I wish I could do more. Remember when I extended my hand for the holidays in 2009 and all I got was no thanks’. Its okay, I know I did what I could. No communication, no updates, wow how can I help then. Stress. Damn.  Why won’t they answer my messages? Why won’t they call? I tried. Now you are better and feel that I ignored you and yours but I didn’t. I can only do so much. I tried. I love you still.

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