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My name is Michelle. I live in Minnesota. I am in the Masters of Science in Criminal Justice program with an emphasis on Forensic Science Specialization. I currently work in the billing department of a hospital and am truly bored. I need some excitement in the work place and criminal justice will definitely do it for me.

My experience online has been wonderful. I am able to continue to work full time and balance my 5 kids and 2 grandchildren, and my new school commitment. Wow!

Having online classmates allows me to get to know people from all over the United States. Asking questions to classmates and professors is easy and the response times are great. It gives me the feel of a campus class setting.

I like to go to Monster Truck races. Tom Meents who drives Maximum Destruction is my favorite driver next to Dennis Anderson who drives Grave Digger. I work on my own 1994 Suburban, and help my husband rebuild his caprice and Monte Carlo. I am also a part of a car club the Severe 612 Chevyz that travels through the Midwest to shows and races.


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