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Dooms Day

I have been gathering items to help my family survive a disaster. I need people to join my quest! Specialties are needed! What is your specialty???


Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth about yourself, but listen. It can make you a better person in the end. You can’t see what other see, so knowing things will allow you to become a better and improved person. Don’t take it as a negative but a positive because you know more about how other see your appearance, style, and communication now.


Most companies want a shark to work for them and represent their product, not a small fish. I am a small fish just because I am a shark.


I have been getting questions regarding the presence of the government in U.S. cities for Zombie training. Is the government secretly telling us that there will be Zombies soon? Seems that way. Stock up, just as they are.

Good Information found

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Chevrolet 3800

The Chevrolet 3800 was made by Chevrolet South Africa and was marketed in the period from 1972 to 1978. It was a 3800 Sedan type executive car for a mid-size or large family. As a standard Sedan type car it had four-door and rear-wheel drive.

The engine used in it was GM Chevrolet Generation 3 type which was a petrol run spark-ignition 4-stroke engine. The gearbox was a three-gear GM Turbo Hydromatic. The Chevrolet 3800 used 185 SR 14 model type tires. This model was 4,607 mm in length, with a wheelbase of 2,668 mm. The fuel tank capacity was 70 liter.

Chevrolet used a carburetor type fuel system in this model, with 2 valves per cylinder, and Rochester as an additional feature. Chevrolet used six-line cylinder alignment in this model. The displacement was 3,768 cc. It had a net power of 78 kW with a torque of 278 Nm.

Chevrolet 1700

The Chevrolet 1700 was produced by GM Daewoo, which was known as GM Korea at that time. The Chevrolet 1700 can be identified as the Korean version of LJ Torana, the car made by General Motors Holding’s GM Australia in 1967.

GM Korea marketed the Chevrolet 1700 from the year 1972 to 1976. The basic model of the Chevrolet 1700 was available as a five-door station wagon. It was powered by a 1,698 cc four-cylinder engine. Despite such changes from the initial model, it failed to draw much public attention, as its fuel consumption was too high, representing the main drawback which resulted in only 8,105 units produced.

It was also available as two-door and four-door sedan, and the engines were different according to the model. Some of the available configurations of that time included up-grades of the 1700 model as the OHV I4 with 1.2L, 1.3L, 1.6L and 1.8L engines, and also the OHV I6 with 2.25L, 2.85L and 3.3L engines. These added models were able to draw public attention despite the discussed high fuel consumption.


Life is about learning, preparing and training, experiencing, maintaining, holding up, and getting through. One is never all grown up, just seasoned.


Women see a man and want him. When they get him, and then spend all of their time trying to change him. Wants he is changed, he is not interesting anymore because he is not the man you sought out in the first place. A relationship is a promise, so adapt to each other and try your best to keep your promise.

Program Gives Ex-Offenders A 2nd Chance At Life

I wish to be apart of this process. i am in the Criminal Justice field focusing on Corrections and this program seems to be interesting to me.

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